Does anyone have Kinect Sports Rivals yet? Looking to play online.

#21SigmaLongshotPosted 4/3/2014 10:43:52 AM
baddcomplex posted...
I received a bunch of stuff for promotional purposes, but can't show it off to the public until release date.

SigmaLongshot if you work for Rare, how do you boost start at the beginning of the jet ski race? I haven't been able to figure it out. Also can you tell Rare to patch in an option to turn the background music up while not in the game. I really like the songs they picked for it, but they are turned down to low. Also can they patch in an option to listen to those songs while playing the sports?

Ah, that's cool, are you a broadcaster or blogger, perchamps?

I no longer work at Rare, I was there back around 2007, did some 3D assets for Banjo, Viva Piņata 2 and Kameo 2.
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