Xbox 1 is not only a great gaming console, but a spiritually connected art form.

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What Microsoft brought to the table the was something of an art piece. A powerful connection to out inner thoughts and feelings, that show connection to us all. The black represents our anger and hatred we pursue through. The hate from the trolls is representing the black, which is stain that was shown and the pain it endures. However the silver is just that, a silver lining. The bright shining piece of an everlasting love shown only by those who are willing. The green light that comes is an internal love across all. The connection between human and nature. Machine and beast. All withing a rectangle shaped boxed, showing the simplicity that life has to offer. Upon grabbing the controller, the way it folds upon our hands shows comfort and warmth, and the control that we have over it. But what lies upon this beauty is a greater evil, something more powerful and devilish that brings upon the black color of hat. The ps4. The overwhelming black shows this and how much it is taking over the X1. But the purists, the true gamers signify that silver line, that bright light that smites the darkness that may entangle it. Made by a company with a poor reputation, the art also shows the struggle into the light. The dark deeds that were done are to be forgave and forgotten. The console shows a new begging of power and its release shows an everlasting light that overcame the once poor reputation. The UI it greets you with is showing in several different forms and factors. First it offers a control, restating the fact that the console gives you just that. Second it provides a form of simplicity, the ease of moving around showing the part of love the console gives. And finally it is showing a beyond sign of power, that answers the technological advancement desire.

Hope you all can understand that art that is the Xbox 1 console.
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Uh-oh, you need a puncture kit - you have a satire flat-tyre!
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Reassurance much... And I thought Chevelle was bad in his love song to Sony... Jeez this generation is just getting more weird by the day. Especially on this board.
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You get back into the tea-room and drink your tea

And don't you dare forget to lift that pinky finger
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6/10 for creativity
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Really, the main question is: Can you cook eggs on it...


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I got one better

O magnificent and omnipotent Xbox one
Never before have I had such fun
Unbelievably versatile things you can do
This ballad is for you

Gaming is something you do with ease
Ryse dominating with graphics that please
But of course that's not close to all
Gameplay dominated by titanfall

Long hard day as I plop down in my den
"Welcome" I see as kinect signs me in
Playing dead rising, KI, forza, tf, ryse, need I say more?
This legendary exclusive line up will go down in lore

Some haters say you are going to die
Trolling gamefaqs indoctrinating others to this lie
Slinging dudebro, m$, and other things profane
The lies and immaturity hurt my brain
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April fools is over.
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"TV, Sports, TV, Sports",
just block the guy, send mod reports.
They hate, berate, the Xbox One,
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Hitting orange pegs with a little metal ball,
or crushing tiny humans with a mighty Titanfall.

And when we need a break, we can always try an app...
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BSerenity posted...
Reassurance much... And I thought Chevelle was bad in his love song to Sony... Jeez this generation is just getting more weird by the day. Especially on this board.

Says the guy who comes to this board just to annoy people.

If he likes what he likes than let him talk about it? Without attacking him?