Microsoft just spit in my face

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SuperHoneyBunny posted...
You took the day off to play a video game?
Sounds like MS is trying to teach you a lesson about being an adult.
You should thank them. You'll appreciate it one day.

In the grown up world there is this thing called Paid Time Off.
It's pretty amazing.. it's like magic.. you don't have to go to work and you still get!! I know, sounds amazing.... You can use these days for whatever you want, whenever you want because they are your days that you worked for...
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Wow you are super angery I suggest counseling to to tone down your anger sense you got hurt so bad by Microsoft. Then go sell your xbox and never return to these boards.
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Anyone impatient enough to take a day off work for a video game deserves spit in their face.
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I hope Phil Spencer comes to your house and gives you a briefcase full of money.
Then says, "Ha just kidding". Punches you in the gut, grabs the briefcase and takes a dump on your Xbox One.
"It's not easy running a video game company you little brat, now get back to work".
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Why would you take a day off to play Titanfall when you can do that on the weekend
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Go get a god damn PS4 and stfu....cry babies all day and night here...booooooo hooooooo

Funny how no company can make a mistake or have down time but Sony....
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cminc posted...
"How dare a company give me something for free."

In response to this malarkey, I will buy a 1% stake in Microsoft, sit in on a board meeting, tell them to suck it, and then sell my shares to REALLY teach them a lesson.
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