xbox live down ?

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IChangedMyName posted...
I came here to see if there was a topic, and there is.

Funny, I played a few matches of Titanfall about an hour ago and I quit because something wasn't right with the game. (most players had 1 bar, and my titan would instant get destroyed as if weapons did triple damage) Maybe its just a XBL thing in general.

I was playing Titanfall but got three Pilot Hunter matches in a row in the Variety Pack playlist, so I tried to back out before starting the fourth one, but it said it couldn't find any servers. Now I'm in the same camp as others where it says my internet and multiplayer connections are good, but "Service info is unavailable".
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AtomicMenace posted...
Did you guys also just an update recently? One was waiting on me as soon as I got home from work like 30 minutes ago.

My systems been in standby mode, but I haven't turn it on or played for the past week due to work.I notice this morning on the forums that an update was pushing, so that is why I booted mine up.
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judge doom posted...

I guess that's some least now it says there's an issue.
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Today is the first day in the entire week I finally booted up my X1 too.

Eh, no biggie really but it does seem like this is my kind of luck lately.
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judge doom posted...

Finally. It took them long enough to say that there was a problem.
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Having the same issues!!! C'mon MSFT!!! Really guys 300000 plus Azure servers and no one is good!!
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bLiNdSnIpErZ20 posted...
judge doom posted...

Finally. It took them long enough to say that there was a problem.

No kidding. Not only is it down, the damn thing just keeps signing me in and then it signs me out.
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#39LilSage94Posted 4/4/2014 12:24:30 PM
Having similar issues. Went to play Titanfall and it told me that I needed to be connected to live. So I checked the connection it was fine. I tested it and it said it was good to go. Go back to Titanfall and it says I need to be connected. The. After sitting Idol for a few minutes it signs me out. All very frustrating would like to enjoy some games on my one day off.
#40spacejamjordanzPosted 4/4/2014 12:26:50 PM
Yea I can't sign in either. Just got off work and was looking forward to BF4. Hope they fix this soon.
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