Phil Spencer: "Xbox Is 1st And Foremost A Game Console"

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Philly Chesse Steak. I love that stuff.
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Phil Spencer is a confirmed spy from Sony Illuminati. Y'all didn't know?
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Ok Phil I'll give you a shot. You seem like a good guy, Even though Don Mattrick had a different opinion.
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Miiri0 posted...
Xbone. Tv first. Console second.

This. It's PR talk.

JiZamez posted...
You know something's wrong when they have to state that 6 month into it's release. lmao

Yeah, it's funny. It won't do Microsoft any favors.
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Ellesarien posted...
I can confirm this because I have been doing one thing on my X-1 since I bough it.....PLAY GAMES.

I love how in this one situation in the world's history where having something do extra things in addition to its core feature is bad.

All of you throw away those smart phones because they all do more than just make phone calls and that type of multi-tasking is now EVIL!!.

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