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what game looks the best to you?TheGoToSleep55/22 11:21PM
would the x1 be as successful without major nelson?
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skermac215/22 10:22PM
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Game Clips Thread 3!
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calinks215/22 9:54PM
Anyone else's Xbox One just not turning on?dark_keyblader55/22 9:42PM
Red Dead Redemption Remastered , do you think it could happen?
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killtacular30325/22 9:34PM
can anyone spare a smite beta key
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Soil660125/22 9:33PM
whats with the assian creed unity hate ?
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blairgoku255/22 9:23PM
So I bought Ryse....neogeoftw25/22 9:00PM
Do I need XBox Live to access Twitch/Netflix?bskiffington35/22 7:47PM
How are people still playing Destiny?
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Trigg3rH4ppy535/22 7:44PM
2 smite keys free for the low price of FREE YEAH THAT'S RIGHT FREEfeared4power15/22 7:43PM
whats the next game that will help the x1 in the console wars?skermac25/22 6:05PM
Wish this would get made into a console game (Closed)Bumbleoni55/22 5:37PM
Buy Xbox one now or wait
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wkory33155/22 5:35PM
How different is Xbox One offline?MortalMadMatt105/22 5:30PM
Xbox One news. Xbox One is getting the ultimate open world experience!! ESO
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xenosaga123225/22 5:10PM
Are there any xbox one games with strong heterosexual characters?M DAMAGE75/22 5:04PM
Would you play a game starring a straight person?
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ZombieAkane315/22 4:24PM