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xbox one dlna support coming in octoberdahboy99/30 10:47AM
Might just buy xbox 1 just for master chief collection...but i feel likepspmaster2389/30 10:45AM
Xbox one has reportedly sold 100k units in China on day 1.
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Warsuh119/30 10:42AM
To those that has it: Forza Horizon 2 or Shadow of Mordor?
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zerooo0129/30 10:38AM
Mirror's Edge 2 for Xbox One - The return of FaithPizzatarian99/30 10:37AM
Xenoblade Chronicles X Vs. Project Spark (Poll)MicrosoftLover59/30 10:02AM
"PS4 if you like sales, xbox one if you like games.." I've been hearing this
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lilj812949/30 10:01AM
Suggestions on a good surge protector for my systems?
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Mr_Killstreak249/30 9:03AM
What upcoming games will have season passes?AttackOnTitan69/30 9:02AM
any good bundles 1 TB system bundles in the near future?
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themothman421129/30 8:40AM
New Screamride gameplay preview.liquidblue459/30 8:38AM
Destiny on disc DLC
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Crystyn_7B189/30 8:37AM
Halo MCC bundle in November
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DerekRoss189/30 8:29AM
Forza Horizon 2 is upon us! (Poll)MicrosoftLover39/30 8:22AM
Would you play a Blinx reboot or remaster?Shayla50029/30 8:00AM
does China have good internet?soysauceman79/30 7:52AM
Well, I Don't Know What The Res And FR Are For Our Version Of SOM But.....
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Skynet82997149/30 7:47AM
Kinectless xbox one questionArtvandelay198449/30 7:44AM
what percentage of Xbox One gamers (or any platform) visit Gamefaqs?soysauceman109/30 7:39AM
are pre purchase games supposed to stay in the apps queue section until release?reptileegg69/30 7:17AM