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Big game crash coming
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awskirchart199/17 8:43AM
if Destiny's hype & marketing work, why didn't xbox1's worked?mewmew42109/17 7:44AM
Convince me that owning both PS4 and XB1 is not redundant
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squon339/17 7:33AM
PS4 And Xbox One Are Already Out Of Date - Round 2quincy2000a39/17 7:29AM
Forza Horizon 2 digital delux worth it?cabcalloway198399/17 7:13AM
Destiny Patch Makes Public Events Happen Twice as Oftenquincy2000a89/17 7:03AM
How did Destiny flop when it sold the most of any new franchise ever?
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RuinerEraser579/17 6:49AM
I think i know what Microsoft can do to increase it's sales in Japan
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TheGam3925499/17 6:45AM
Destiny Xbox One Vault of Glass Raid TeamTohaveaname49/17 6:25AM
What if PS4 was $500 and Xbox One was $400
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That_Damn_Kid209/17 6:15AM
Platinum Games Has 'Never Made a Game Like Scalebound
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Dev445129/17 6:15AM
Would you now say that Bungie are a crap developer that got lucky once?
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jon davis1719/17 6:12AM
Why can't I download super time force?enslavetheweak39/17 6:07AM
voice chat seems crackly on Battlefield 4reptileegg59/17 5:14AM
Xbox one upload speed (trying to Broadcast)shield31679/17 5:05AM
What are your thoughts on the upcoming games this year?Futureops-69/17 5:02AM
For those who have zoo tycoontgrz201169/17 4:45AM
If racing wasn't a minority/niche Forza Horizon 2 would get GOTY
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kennyynnoo179/17 4:20AM
The race to defeat Destiny's toughest challenge--UPDATE: We have a winnerquincy2000a29/17 4:18AM
Destiny is one of those games where my review score is going up the more I play.
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triple s179/17 4:16AM