So what is the XboX ONE?????????

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We all know of all the DRM policies and whatnot that got removed before the launch. We also know of all the changes they've made and the repeated flip flop on apparent core practices for the console. But my question is this as the next iteration of what the Xbox ONE is will be here soon.

They also stated that the PS4 is doing well because gamers are the early adopters and if they believe true gamers are what led the PS4 to victory what does that make all of you that own a ONE now?

Kinect for PC continues to imrpove the so called exclusives like Titanfall available for the PC. Microsoft is a software company the don't make any money on the XboX brand they get revenue through software and hardware for the PC. With them constantly moving the defining features of the ONE to PC what's left for the Xbox ONE?? Why should a person buy one if their constantly stripping the identity for the machine?
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The_DOAM posted...
what does that make all of you that own a ONE now?

It makes them the Xbox one owners?
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you said my question is, but you ask no question
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The xbox one is the first game system made by microsoft

Cause the word one is in the name

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I'm just tired and sorry about that but with them building up the Kinect for the PC and completely changing their strategy that kinda tears down the identity for the console.

Once known as an All in One Entertainment console the system will now change focus completely to that of games. But since Kinect is no longer exclusive and they like to release their software for PC as well where does that leave the console. The PS4 will be getting a virtual helmet or something and that will be what defines them and the Gamepad defines the Wii U. But with the ONE constantly changing and sharing everything with the PC what is their to bring people in what is the consoles identity now?
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