What are your ideas for good uses of "the cloud?"

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Considering the biggest issue with the usefulness of "the cloud" for offloading processes for improved graphics is latency (at least until bandwidth improves nationally), I was trying to think of things it would be useful for. The first thought that popped into my head should be the most obvious because it's the most ironic, which is the sky.

The sky box is something that could be improved a lot with added power from the cloud, and it could be off timing wise without it making a huge difference. The PS4 version of MGS has a nicer looking sky because of dynamic clouds. The calculations could be offloaded with enough bandwidth of course, but what if the entire skybox rendering was offloaded and only a video signal was sent back? The One is set up to have different resolutions on screen at a time, like having the gun and hands in a shooter rendered in 1080p and the entire map being rendered in 720p. Having the sky box rendered in the cloud would free up some resources to be used elsewhere. Even the weather effects could be handled in this way.
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i really like how they're using it for crackdown 3 and sunset overdrive.
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To part fools from their money. Hell come on by 2016 this will make the one special!
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Forza horizon 2, its an open world racer, let all of the traffic racers be gamers AI like in forza 5. They should use rooms online that are not full and fill them with gamer AI so every room is always full and they can be replaced with people who want to join a game. Do this for bf, cod games, whatever. Just always have full rooms of AI gamers, let you get rewards from your AI when your off but like I said, allow online players to replace them.
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That's horrible who the Hell wants to play against AI
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porn storage
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
porn storage

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Hopefully will help the 4K process. Also DX12, ESRAM, Move Engines and some sw magic. I've seen it before, those guys at MS don't play around