Wait until Kinect Sports Rivals comes out this week. you will see how amazing

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Let this game bomb so rare can go back to making real games
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It has been said that gaming is getting very stale now. Not much originality or difference in games. So adding some Kinect features in games should change that. I'm sure that's also why this VR thing is so popular. It's a different way to game.
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xacebop posted...
Let this game bomb so rare can go back to making real games

That's not gonna happen even If the game does do poorly. I don't think the other Kinect sports games did all that well either and yet they keep making them. Rare wont go back to making good games until Microsoft realizes no one wants Kinect games. Which will probably be never.
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The irony is, people campaigning for "real games" are just desperate for prettified editions of games from 1989; the most devout type of luddite, refusing to accept any adaptation in the DESIGNS of the medium, yet simultaneously demanding a presentation upgrade.

The same as asking for a Stephen Spielberg Charlie Chaplin movie.
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Mr_Killstreak posted...
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Mr_Killstreak posted...
Lol, Kinect Rivals

I hope nobody actually buys that crap, just let the Kinect die the painful death we all know it deserves.

So much game development time wasted on a crap peripheral with a very niche market.

Mine is paid off already

You should take that money off of it, jam it down into your toilet bowl and then take a nice wet dump on it instead.

Any developer supporting Kinect should be shut down.

Did Kinect touch your junk or something?
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Killer app confirmed!
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No way in hell I'd pay full price for this. It's 6 seperate mini-games guys!
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1 in 99 games uses Kinect in a meaningful way... so much for a "user-must-pay-for-to-recoup-my-investment" peripheral.
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it is... below average?

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tell us how amazing it is OP
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