Anyone not care for the next halo entry

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User Info: CrayCrayFish

3 years ago#1
If it's anything like halo 4, I'm not going to get it. Halo 4 entertained me for a good weekend and I was mildly amused at best. I just want the halo 3 days back guys! Pls

User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#2
a new halo game is one of the few reasons I have for eventually buying an xbox one
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User Info: Pat_Auld

3 years ago#3
Considering the next halo will probably be a HD remake of 2, I'm hella excite brah

User Info: chex81

3 years ago#4
Haven't played halo since #3 came out, do not care for the franchise. Unless the new halo looks like a true next gen jump I do not care.
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User Info: lilj812

3 years ago#5
To me, the story ended with number 3. I understand why they made more but... The story stops at 3 for me.
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User Info: userfrigginame

3 years ago#6
Usually I don't bother talking about stuff I don't care about.

User Info: smurfsn1p3r

3 years ago#7
I never buy a console for a game, much less a FPS. However my friend buys everything Halo, and was the main reason he got a one.

To me the best campaign was Reach, the best Multiplayer was 3. 4 was worse then 2 in the story department. and worse then reach in the Multiplayer department.

343 is slowly killing the halo franchise, and Bungie was smart to leave for greener pastures. I will be getting Destiny over these two.
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User Info: elbarto1

3 years ago#8
I haven't enjoyed a halo game since odst. But, I'm interested to see what halo can do on a new console so I'll buy.
H2 anniversary is a no brainer though. Can't wait.

User Info: jussSaiyan

3 years ago#9
I'm sucker for the whole Halo storyline (it's SP is much better than MP IMO) and it's one of the reasons I bought an X1.
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User Info: KOOGAR

3 years ago#10
I never understood how people can like this game and nobody sees how dull it is.

Honestly, I feel like Grimey from The Simpsons!
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