I'd rather have an Unreal Tournament game instead of a Gears of War game.

#1kenio8187Posted 4/6/2014 11:25:38 PM
UT was significantly better than Gears. I liked Gears, but IMO, EPIC abandoning the UT series for Gears was one of the worst decisions they ever made.
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#2Jedi454Posted 4/6/2014 11:27:45 PM
We can't all have we want can we?
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#3HighwayPilotPosted 4/7/2014 1:42:23 AM
Epic is free to do UT now that Gears is Microsofts. They might even do it once Fortnite is done.
#4richboy900Posted 4/7/2014 1:58:26 AM
I agree, I'd also like a new unreal tournament, quake or other fast paced shooter.
#5WebsandWigsPosted 4/7/2014 2:07:29 AM
Unreal doesnt work on consoles. I played 3 on the 360 and it was awkward as hell.