Nintendoland was a launch game and did much better than Kinect Sports Rivals

#1teh1337gosuPosted 4/7/2014 3:38:35 PM
This isn't a Nintendo vs Microsoft topic, this is a topic on how Microsoft needs to better utilize Kinect which is too advanced to be used like this.

This is a knock on Rare. Microsoft buys them for 300 million in 2002 money, has them make games exclusively for their advanced mandatory peripheral (the One's version of the gamepad) and they come up short. They murder all our beloved childhood IPs by locking them away forever, and then can't even properly use Kinect 2.0?

Microsoft should just release the Kinect less version, beucase I'm becoming less optimistic about its future.
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Well you don't even know it's bad yet, so how about you wait and formulate your own opinion, if that is even possible.
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They are both meh
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