Does anyone know if you can trade a system towards a select game and get + 30%?

#1dudupupuPosted 4/8/2014 3:24:59 PM
Silly question. Just got off the phone with my local Gamestop and the guy said I PROBABLY would get the + 30% for my Xbox One trade in if I put it towards Mario Kart 8.

He wouldn't guarantee it, but I figured that's where you guys come into play.

The trade value is $357.50 currently, and an extra 30% would bump me up to $464, which would stack me up for gaming for a while.

Planning a wedding and the system was an impulse buy and so I need to fund my immediate future gaming habit.
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#2Xeeh_BitzPosted 4/8/2014 3:29:18 PM
No clue, so you're trying to trade in the Xbox One for Mario Kart 8 or the entire Wii U system + Mario Kart 8?

I know the 30% bonus is added for select games and it does stack past the game amount

If you have $100 worth of trade, the select game is $60, you still get $130 for that trade in.

So it should work, at least in theory. I do know it works for games, not sure about hardware.
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