Does Microsoft even have a ******* strategy for Japan or what? I don't think so.

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spacejamjordanz posted...
Let's be real here. Do you honestly expect them to delay Titanfall until September? Destiny will be out that month,.

Or at least, you know, work on getting the commands for the Kinect to ******* work for the Japanese and releasing the system before Destiny. Or is the Japanese language too complicated for folks at Microsoft to work out?

Because if it's the latter, they may as well give up releasing in Japan, period. They already missed out on an opportunity to sell a new system with a game the Japanese actually wants, and now have to start back at square zero trying to make ANOTHER game that'll appeal to them.

Literally tossing a golden egg onto a last gen console.
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TheGleamEyes posted...
TitanFall is ranked #5 on Amazon Japan's best seller video games and #1 in the Xbox catagory.

Oh wait, did I say Xbox catagory, I meant Xbox 360 aka it's the 360 version that's keeping Microsoft relevant.

The Xbox One, which is what Microsoft should be focusing on selling to the Japanese, is no where to be found. Titanfall for the X1 is ranked #12,345 for Best Seller (Video Games).

It's like they're purposefully sabotaging their efforts in order to close up shop in Japan.

I don't get why so many people are missing this part of the OP... TC was talking about releasing in Japan with Titanfall as well... Not just reading the X1 version without the console

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