Killer Instinct vs Marvel vs Capcom vs Mortal Kombat vs Tekken would you buy it?

#11tubb311Posted 4/10/2014 6:44:22 AM
lost interest in fighting games after Ultimate MK3 and never really played them on consoles at all.
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Slayer_22 posted...
Marvel vs Capcom but no Injustice? I've been waiting forever for a Marvel vs DCU game.

I would buy that only if it was made by neatherrealm (MK and Injustice) their balancing and art and gameplay style are the only kind of 2D style fight games.

But there needs to be 15+ from each roster in the game to make it amazing.
#13GambitbuzzkillPosted 4/10/2014 7:18:31 AM
None of them I would pick Dead or Alive