Wow. Even Zero Punctuation liked Titanfall

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Good luck being immersed while you're constantly flipping your head from side to side to turn the camera, constantly feeling the VR brick that's strapped on to your face sliding around.

So, you haven't used the Oculus Rift I take it? It's light enough that you can move your head without it moving at all. He's not wrong that VR with a first person game is going to be really impressive from an immersion standpoint.
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How much did microbone pay Ben for this review?
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For the right price I'd like things too.

Oh please, Titanfall is a good game for what it is. Not my cup of tea as I don't buy EA games and a FPS that doesn't have a single player campaign is a FPS I'll never play. But for what it is? It's an enjoyable game.

I hate story lines in my FPS unless it's halflife.

The best Shooters are Multiplayer focused.
Team Fortress
Counter Strike

But shooter (Well, First-person view) is the best platform for immersive storytelling. We have barely scratched the surface.

The Last Of Us says hello.
Currently playing - Titanfall and its amazing.
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gobuffalo30 posted...
For the right price I'd like things too.

Do you even Yahtzee brah?
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I liked the coincidence that microsoft got caught paying off reviewers right before Titanfail came out.
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Private_Noob posted...
How much did microbone pay Ben for this review?

Probably not a single cent. He's stated numerous times how much he dislikes both Sony and Microsoft for putting out what he calls "glorified PCs." He is PC master race apparently.
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Some people in this thread don't seem to know the difference between storytelling and immersion.

Not surprising to be honest.

VR will only ever benefit immersion. Poor storytelling is poor storytelling, relative point of view within the story won't change that.
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