Debating purchase for Titanfall; seeking advice about 360 vs Xbox1 versions

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You're buying a console to play one game?

In the short term, yes. I also own a Wii U and PS4. I have enough disposable income, but at the same time I don't like spending more money just for the sake of spending, so I'm just trying to make an informed decision.

I bought the X1 just for Titan Fall it wans't worth it. I would try the game first before making that decision.
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In all honesty get it for 360 I wouldnt buy a whole system for the plays good on 360 from what I here. I own both systems and so far the ps4 runs alot smoother and the games look a little better. You can always swap parts on Xbox 1 to amp it up a little.titanfall is definitely worth getting its sooo fun. But not at all is it a graphic powerhous on xb1 you should stick last gen a little longer titanfall darksouls 2 and watchdogs are all coming out for 360 I bet by christmas xb1 price will drop and there making a smaller ram version id wait until the second gen xb1 come out

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