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will any usb to microusb cable work for X1?LotrMorgoth211/27 9:09AM
Mic monitoring headset 40 bucks, just sharing with others who may be interested.Shadow327411/27 9:06AM
Black Friday Gold deals?DMBHovDog311/27 8:50AM
almost no friends from the previous gen own an xbox one....=(NightMareBunny611/27 8:41AM
Happy thanksgivingVivaLaGinge611/27 8:36AM
So thanks to Microsoft i'm getting an Xbox One
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STO-1091311/27 8:31AM
Why do cutscenes have like milliseconds of hair and clothing and characters moviStarmanAnthony311/27 8:27AM
Does anyone else have this issue with external harddrive?SteveAustin268x311/27 8:21AM
Two months, and I am done with my Xbox One
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hivebent4life2511/27 8:16AM
Hey, is Titanfall still active?maoriwarrior611/27 8:15AM
Something odd just happenedDUBTuner211/27 8:14AM
SoM $29.99 Metro Redux $24.99 on Amazon
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swatkiller5461111/27 8:08AM
GAME selling XB1 for 300 with 4 games for black Friday.DarkJaydragon211/27 8:08AM
12 Months of Xbox Live for $39.99SteveAustin268x111/27 8:07AM
Sniper Elite 3...Is it worth $20pblimp3601011/27 8:07AM
Wow?!! When is Xbox going to stop with the knockout punches?
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LEGEND_72529811/27 7:59AM
Take the main Concept of the last two games you played and create a game
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PackersXLV1311/27 7:55AM
Any online deals for live?staticxtreme5411/27 7:54AM
By Microsoft(Redwood): Survey about why people like PS4 more than X1AgarestWar511/27 7:54AM
I never understood tell tale games.
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Hidan6231511/27 7:37AM