Graphic Disparity continues: Trials Fusion lower resolution on Xbox One

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Xbox wins again.
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AceAndJunpei posted...
MrImpatient35 posted...
Even though anyone at MS would say differently, I truly think that Devs have to "figure out" the eSRAM. I think it has a learning curve to figure out, but when they do, this "disparity" will no longer exist. It seems like devs are having trouble with that thing.

How many times do you need to hear it before you understand?

The disparity is ALWAYS going to exist because the PS4 has superior hardware. End of story.

That doesn't mean they won't both have the same resolution more often with time and really I don't see anything spectacular about this game graphically. It's obvious most devs aren't necessarily lazy but it is harder to figure things out on X1. PS3 had this problem last gen for a long time.

I mean some things have obviously slightly improved already with some devs. I mean I can't recall ever seeing a 960p game(Watch Dogs). You're now seeing odd resolutions more often. If that was a few months ago it would have been lower.
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The infinite power of the cloud at work.
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The PS4 will always have better graphics, its GPU is simply more powerful.

It has also been hinted that the Xbox One reserves more of the CPU and GPU for the OS.
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godplaysSNES posted...
The PS4 will always have better graphics, its GPU is simply more powerful.
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Gadoken22 posted...

Thoughts? Please refrain from saying 'lazy developers' or cloud conditions.

is expected. PS4 is superior to xbone. end of story
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If this bothers you so much, get a PS4.
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