Now I understand why they held back the 360 version of Titanfall

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3HP posted...
It looks almost identical to the Xbox One version. I don't think it would have looked very good for a new console's first big exclusive to be pushing last gen visuals. Almost everyone I know with a One bought it for Titanfall and every single one of them regrets it after playing the 360 version.

I knew Titanfall's visuals were lacking to begin with on XB1 but I really didn't expect the 360 version to look so good in comparison.

did you play it on the one and 360?
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seriously, all I read on this board for the past 6 months has been "WAIT TIL TITANFALL", and now there's the same people spamming "Who actually bought an xbone for Titanfall?"

Also, I like how the Link for comparison shows a picture that makes the 360 version look even better.
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kenio8187 posted...
ThePaleRiderp posted...
To be fair I believe TF started off as a PC exclusive

That's what it was going to be, the devs didn't like that but EA didn't give them that much money or resources and since developing on the PC is the easiest and most hassle free option, they were gonna do that. Which honestly, would have been MUCH better in the long run since I'm 100% sure they planned on bringing it to both consoles eventually.

However, M$ came to them with a dump truck full of money and said, make it for us, and you can has all dis monies. M$ also said they'd take care of the server costs. IIRC, M$ also pays for the server costs for the PC version too.

well then the more you know
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There's a 360 version of Titanfall?!
Did I miss something?
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LateToThePartay posted...
There's a 360 version of Titanfall?!

Your username is win.
Why was Oedipus against profanity? Because he kisses his mother with that mouth.
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I love how most go along with the assumption of the TC. The X1 version clearly looks better than the X360 version....... duh.
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I agree TC. They absolutely refused to show any footage or even a screen shot of the 360 version. Now it makes sense why. People would've seen that there wasn't a very large difference in the visuals.
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LEGEND_725 posted...
Lol wat?

Horrible trolling kid

All you have to do is turn up the black levels, looks identical just lighter, which can be solved by turning up the blacks
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Sandwiches are delicious.

Do you by chance eat it after cutting off the edges?
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