Why did you chose the Xbox brand initially ?

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User Info: chip1289

2 years ago#31
halo combat evolved and xbox live

User Info: phillyeagles123

2 years ago#32
I never had an original Xbox but most of my friends did and kept saying how great Halo 2 was so I got an Xbox 360 back in 2006 for Halo 2, and soon after, Halo 3.
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User Info: jellybeanmaster

2 years ago#33
Xbox was the first console that was mine and i bought with my money. We already had gamecube and ps2. But aside from being the only 6th gen system we didnt have i wanted it becuz of its power and the new xbox live.

User Info: Shadowfxd2

2 years ago#34
Xbox = Halo
360 = FFXI
Xbone = I'd never touch
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

2 years ago#35
I thought the original was going to be a major flop, but the hype from a month of Halo ads made me not care about that. I picked up the system with that game, Oddworld, and DOA3 at launch. I was pretty happy overall.
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User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
2 years ago#36
I got a 360 to play old school xbox games I'd missed, the lineup of games at the time had the ps3 beat, and because I had cash to burn.

I got my 360 in March 2006 and bought Oblivion, DoA4, PGR3, Shenmue 2 (which didn't work at the time...it was added to bc later), Halo 1, Halo 2, Forza 1, and Ninja Gaiden Black.
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User Info: EnmaDaio2588

2 years ago#37
I chose the Xbox a couple of generations ago because it seemed to be the most powerful. What sold me on it was Dead or Alive but once I got to play the games I got really into Halo. Years later when I went back and tried the PS2 and Gamecube I found that I should have probably gone with the GC...of course I keep hearing about how that console (like the Wii U) had trouble with third party support.

I then went with the Xbox 360, mainly because I was really into Halo, Fable, Morrowind, Crimson Skies, Otogi, Breakdown and, Whacked..sadly, only two of those had 360-exclusive sequels since which sucks...I also didn't realize that going with a PS3 would have netted me a Blu Ray player but the price wouldn't have justified it for me honestly. The Wii still hasn't done too much to impress me honestly...

This gen I'm 100% Wii U and past-gen. Xbone and PS4 doesn't have any system-selling exclusives that interest me. The XBone's reveal was horribly anti-consumer and borderline anti-gamer. Later news and developments seemed to back-peddle but the damage is done and I'm just not even going to consider the XBone...maybe if there's a no-Kinect version down the line but I don't see it happening. I want to want a PS4 but don't plan on getting one of those until 2016 or so..
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User Info: DragonlordHaar8

2 years ago#38
Tales of Vesperia
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User Info: Skill4Reel

2 years ago#39
I already had a Wii U for a year before buying an XBOX One. I chose XBOX One over PS4 last year because Titanfall was coming to the XBOX One in March 2014, and not PS4.

User Info: MithrilMonarch

2 years ago#40
Had an Xbox and didn't play it much, but I acknowledge it as a good system. Bought an Xbox 360 due to the fact that it was the first seventh generation console. After initial problems with RROD and stuff, I think it turned out to be the greatest system of the generation. No plans to downgrade to an Xbox One because it's a bad console.
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