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2 years ago#1
I wanted to inquire about an issue that has been occurring from time to time with one game, that being Kinect Sports Rivals.

I installed the disc, then played the game for a while. A couple of days later, I went to play it again, and when I selected the game's icon (with the disc in the console), the background image came up for 5-10 seconds, then it went back to the dashboard. It did this one more time, then worked and loaded.

It hadn't happened since until tonight. It did it once, then worked...again, with the exact same game.

In-between, I've played through LEGO The Hobbit, which worked perfectly fine for the four straight days I played it.

I've heard of this happening to others, and hope I won't have to send my Xbox away, because I need it for articles I write. Apparently it's an issue that has happened to a lot of people, though. I'm wondering if it's just related to the one game's install file -- at least on my end -- because it's the only one that seems to be causing it.
2 years ago#2
NOTE: I am not using power saving mode
2 years ago#3
2 years ago#4
What happens to me is this:

I play fifa and when I am done I turn off the xbox.
After a few hours (or the next day) I turn the xbox on and go directly to fifa, it tries to load but sends me back to the dashboard or the game freezes.

So, this happens when I am done with a game and turn off the xbox and then I turn it on and go directly to the same game, it doesn't happend when I go to a different one.
2 years ago#5
Just unplug the system for a minute or two and plug it back in. I'm not sure exactly how long you need to do it for a hard reset, but that's what works for me when this happens. Just so you know, it's not game specific, I've had it happen for PvZ, Titanfall, etc.
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2 years ago#6
You don't need to unplug the system. Just do a full shutdown by holding the power button until it beeps and the xbox shuts off. This will force the system memory to clear and it should fix your problem.
2 years ago#7
So I shouldn't contact Microsoft and ask them to send me a new system? It's likely going to be the same if I do that, because it's a glitch they need to patch?

I erred and said I don't use power saving mode, but I actually meant I don't use instant on mode.
2 years ago#8
The One sometimes has a problem releasing system memory after you quit a game which causes crashes like you described. A full shutdown forces the memory to clear, but if you are already doing a full shutdown every time you turn it off, then it might be a deeper problem.

You could try deleting and reinstalling the game or just call customer support. I've had good luck with them the couple times I've had to call.
2 years ago#9
When games first start loading, they're loading all the things required in order for them to work (like code, engine assets, etc). That probably makes the first couple of seconds while it's showing that image the most crucial where if anything goes wrong, it results in a crash.

The good thing about games crashing now, is that instead of locking your whole console up, they just kick you to the dashboard.

If it ever starts to do it repeatedly (as in it just doesn't ever get past that first image), try and play offline and see if that fixes it.
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2 years ago#10
I seem to have this problem with CoD: Ghost. It doesn't kick me to the dashboard, but the masked guy image just stays there frozen. It's only with this game that I have trouble with. All my games are digital and I have instant mode on (or whatever it's called).
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