Xbox One's Blu Ray

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1 year ago#1
Is there any harm in using the Xbox One's Blu Ray player as your primary player?
Will constant use cause premature wear and decline?
1 year ago#2
How often will you be using it? Even if you use it a lot, it shouldn't dramatically wear down your console.
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1 year ago#3
No it wont.

It wont harm anything.

I have used my PS3 slim (2009 model) as my primary blu ray player for 5 years and it still works fine, and they have only gotten better with technology in them over the last few years.
1 year ago#4
I subscribe to Netflix, so as for how often, I probably watch 3 to 4 movies/week.

And I do already have a blu ray player, but I notice a significant difference between the Xbox One blu ray vs my Samsung blu ray player. So i'd like to sell my Samsung and just use my Xbox One.
1 year ago#5
Just to clarify:
The difference being a noticeably sharper image with the Xbox One.
1 year ago#6
Nope will not cause any issues.
1 year ago#7
Be aware, unless it was updated and I wasn't tracking, the Xbox One doesn't play 3D blu rays.

And no, I can't explain why the PS3 can and the One cannot.
1 year ago#8
I wasn't aware of 3D ...that's ok though, I don't own any and my tv is not capable.
1 year ago#9
Based on my experience with all the consoles, here's my preference for players:

High-end BD Player > PS3 > Xbox One > Midrange = PS4 > Entry Level BD Player

Right now I watch most of my BD movies on my PS3, though sometimes my XB1 for the OS features.

PS4's is kinda disappointing but it gets the job done I guess.
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1 year ago#10
Also, to note, I have a Super Slim PS3 which is easily the most quiet of all the consoles I own. I'd surmise an older PS3 would be much louder and would fall lower on my preference list.
Xbox Live: Phange 2
Playstation Network: Phange
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