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2 years ago#21
Onipaladin posted...
Actualllllly. I am playing FFX on my vita. But I only play vita on the train. I actually been just leaving my house and riding the train to the last stop then turning around just to get out the house >.> I think I am going to go with Creed 4. I loved 2 and 3. But I liked 2 more 3 kind of let me down after 2.

I would risk getting RDR for my near dead 360 but some one spoiled the ending for me. I tried ground zeroes but that game was like 10 hours.

Well, forgive me if I'm being insensitive, but how are you that depressed if you're playing FFX? You've clearly got a good head on your shoulders.

But AC 4 is my favorite in the series, so that's a good option. Just be aware that it's more of a pirate game than an assassin game. If you loved the ship aspect of 3 (like I did), you're not going to be able to put 4 down once you start.
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2 years ago#22
Sword Art Online
2 years ago#23
static_240 posted...
Sword Art Online

This is random, but I always have to agree with SAO.
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2 years ago#24
For XBOne - I'd go with Rayman Legends or Lego Marvel. Both are colorful, fun, and have a ton of content.

If you have a 360, dig up a copy of Beautiful Katamari. It is literally impossible to be depressed while playing that game.
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2 years ago#25
KiraWins posted...
LEGEND_725 posted...
Just go lift
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2 years ago#26
Skyrim does a great job in getting me immersed. Just sit in a room with the lights off and the volume up and enjoy yourself.
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2 years ago#27
Love to help, but the games you find immersive seem to be the ones I find shallow and empty. You might try Minecraft or Terraria or something; good time sinks.
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2 years ago#28
get yourself some headphones and a good visual novel.
2 years ago#29
Wind waker HD is perfect!
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2 years ago#30
Jedi454 posted...
KiraWins posted...
LEGEND_725 posted...
Just go lift
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