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2 years ago#41
the first thing you should do if you're depressed is get off GameFAQs

reading all these threads about resolution wars and fanboy drivel is enough to drive anyone to an alcohol-fueled depression pit
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2 years ago#42
TC, if you got a PS2 or a way to emulate it and don't mind dated graphics, I would highly recommend Ar Tonelico 2, it's a game that got me through a pretty depressing time in my life about a year ago.
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2 years ago#43
Max payne 3 maaaaan if youse depressed you'll see max as relatable clperson and over coming his dark emotions. ....while blasting people in the head in sweet bullet time!!
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2 years ago#44
Go out and find yourself a woman.
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2 years ago#46
Out of the three you mentioned ac4 will undoubtedly last you the longest. It took me 50ish hours to do everything on that game while dead rising 3 only took me around 18 and that's with a lot of exploring.
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2 years ago#47
Onipaladin posted...
Actualllllly. I am playing FFX on my vita. But I only play vita on the train. I actually been just leaving my house and riding the train to the last stop then turning around just to get out the house >.> I think I am going to go with Creed 4. I loved 2 and 3. But I liked 2 more 3 kind of let me down after 2.

I would risk getting RDR for my near dead 360 but some one spoiled the ending for me. I tried ground zeroes but that game was like 10 hours.

have you tried the vita while lying down on the sofa or bed, i find that a good way to lose yourself in a game.
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2 years ago#48
Onipaladin posted...
On spring break with literally nothing to do but be depressed in my room. So I want to get something that will hopefully just suck me in for the next 2 weeks. I was thinking between Dead Rising 3, Assassin's Creed IV and Thief.

Catherine should cheer you up
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2 years ago#49
To be honest man I have tried to drown my depression in games doesn't work. It took me a year and half but I am finally on the right medicine. I am not totally out of the woods of depression but I am well on my way.
2 years ago#50
Try Dark Souls or Red Dead Redemption
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