So when exactly is Trials Fusion's retail disc release date?

#1WinnsockPosted 4/14/2014 12:26:06 PM
Some sources say tomorrow. Others say it's coming after the download version is available. Best Buy's website says tomorrow. I just want to know if I go to the store tomorrow, will it be there?
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#2Reel_Big_MikePosted 4/14/2014 4:52:19 PM
It's tomorrow (4/15) for the physical version. I know because my physical copy shipped from Amazon and the guaranteed delivery date is 4/15 (the UPS tracking # also says 4/15 delivery). I think that the digital version is 4/16, but I'm not 100%. I probably won't do it b/c I like having the physical copy, but I read a great idea from someone on these boards: get the physical copy from amazon for $40, use the included season pass code, return the game to get your full $40 back, then buy the digital version for $20, essentially getting a free season pass.
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