Anyone else a little upset that Destiny is coming out on PS4?

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microsoft only owns 49% of bungie

Yep, all those copies sold by sony are goingt o fatten up MS's wallet even more, what a conundrum for the herd

When you own equity in a company, you don't get to just pocket 49% of the profits. That money goes back into the business in order to grow the company. MS is not collecting profits or salary from Bungie. The only way MS is going to make money is if they sell their equity at a greater value than it was obtained for.
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I don't understand people getting upset about another console getting a game. Seriously how does it affect you if another console is getting a game you are also getting? It's one of the most selfish things people on this board say and I seriously imagine some spoiled kid who's a D bag to most people he/she interacts with.
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Doesn't this game have exclusive content or something on PS4? Like AC IV had the extra content?