Sony is facing bankruptcy and people here think the XB1 is going to die?

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That actually covers the preceding 2 months as well. There is another report there for the preceding 3 months before that, also keeping them separate. Also profiting.

I think most people would believe an analyst over you. Also those investors are obviously pissed over something. And its not just one place that points out Xbox not being profitable yet. I enjoy Xbox as much as the next guy but I'm also not blind. MS made its fortune on software not hardware and everyone knows that.
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Get Good Kid.
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Lololol. Microsoft are a billion dollar company and a couple fanboys think the XB1 is going to die out because a movie game (which is on their last gen platform) is getting cancelled indefinitely?

If devs are having problems already making games for the XB1, Imagine what it's going to be in a few years. Either Microsoft is not going to get games the other console does , or they are going to be extremely watered down in comparison.
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While this is interesting , it's just not something i'm going to worry about.
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Like people have been saying bankruptcy and going out of business are two completely different things.
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This same topic is on the Wii U board. Not the same poster or text, but exact same idea. Now you think about that for a second.
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What the hell is going on here?

Btw Jedi#2, I think they're nitpicking you for not saying MULTI-billion dollar company.

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Thy Holy Play Station Four will single-handedly save Sony, while the xbone brand murdered microbone with a blindfold and two broken arms.
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