PS4 sells 7m, XB1 sales undislosed

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Well it was 3.4 million before. Add in 300k from March. Puts it at 3.7 million.

Told you it would have been under 3.8 million, I was right.

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prozac786 posted...
prozac786 posted...
Well it was 3.4 million before. Add in 300k from March. Puts it at 3.7 million.

Told you it would have been under 3.8 million, I was right.
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1. I buy ps4 based on their QA and dependable machine. Look at how many 360 have RROD. Microsoft rush the product out with so many defective units.

2. I don't like FPS and sports game so base it on something else. Don't generalize that everyone will love FPS.

3. Understanding and satisfying demand. That is what a business unit should do. M$ PR during E3 is terrible especially with Major Nelson/Angry Joe's interview.

4. It's only half a year when both systems are out. Games doesn't come out of nowhere. Same goes for movie too. So wait.

I have bought many consoles before and in the long run, they have put out decent collectible games. It's just a matter of time.
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even though u sound like just another xfanbot i agree with you, TC, that sony players dont seem to buy exclusives. I think majority of them stick to COD or madden. Sony customers are cheapskates


The playstation fanbase has an incredibly diverse range of gaming interests, unlike the fanbase of other consoles. thus, just because an exclusive doesnt sell gangbusters doesnt mean that the fanbase doesnt buy games. it just means that some of the fanbase wasnt into the game released.

For example, there are legions of rpg fans among the playstation fanbase. many of them wouldnt have any interest in infamous whatsoever. they will be waiting for witcher, dragon age and ffxv.

pretty much this. Xbox fan are bunch of FPS gamer.
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lol Halo's trash now, bigger cash cow than CoD
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yet the pc version sells more than 70% of those right?
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lol Halo's trash now, bigger cash cow than CoD

at least Halo doesnt have Downloadable voice track overs coming out.
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Brand loyalism is so sad... it's depressing to see people with so little going on that they have to find a war of brands to side with something and feel like they belong... geez, TC, find another hobby. You're just like the nutjob sports fans that riot if their team loses.
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My 2 cents...

Sony has a more diverse fanbase b/t NA and JPN...which greatly changes the sales spectrum for games. Whereas Xbox has a higher concentration in western culture, which has very heavy sales in sports and fps. Combine that w/ the fact that the US is now the primary consumer for gaming. Also I think the 2 companies have different business models. MS seems to focus more effort on quarterly, and annual fiscal earnings...while Sony seems to gravitate more toward 10 year projections...imo
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You can sell all the games to players some of the time, and some of the games to players all the time, but you can't sell all the games to players all the time.

That said, just play what you want to. No need to worry about how much or little a game or console sells. If it's good to you, it's good to play.
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