Father kills son because he wants to play xbox games

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Women should learn how to keep their legs closed to prevent guys like this from being a father.
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RaRitsujun posted...


Please don't confuse USA with FLORIDA. Florida is the black sheep of the family.
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NCPwn posted...

As a Father, I can't understand how video games could ever be more important than your child.

Don't attempt to understand NCPwn. There are people that study that kind of stuff for a living and they barely understand.
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Cornbread4life posted...
Anyone notice how all the crazy **** seems to happen in Florida?

As offensive as this may sound....Florida is the f******* trashcan of the US. For the most part it's nothing but petty criminals, drug dealers, and Sexual offenders. If you ask me they should just give it to immigrants and say f*** it.
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knightimex posted...
Seeing how he has a history of being a rapist, I don't think he actually wanted the child to begin with.

As a father myself, I hope this guys gets what's coming to him.

Too bad torture isn't an option.
I see where you are coming from. This guy isn't really human, he's a monster that only looks like one. I can understand wanting some time to relax, but what he did was horrible. He neglected his responsibilities and threw away something very important when he killed his son.

Anyway, I wonder if Bubsy 3D and Superman 64 count as torture. This man would be lucky if he even got low quality games like those to play in prison in a world that takes these things into account.
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The mother seems like a piece of work herself. Having children and leaving them alone with a guy with a criminal past.
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Wow. He's not right in the head :/ That's cruel!

"Yates said Wygant was unemployed and recently had moved to Florida from California. Yates said Wygant has an extensive criminal history in California ranging from trespassing to rape."

Man, he's 24? Sheesh, he looks like he's in 30's. Probably just a bad mug shot.
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Drakillion posted...
That's cruel!
Are you talking about his actions, the idea of having him play Bubsy 3D and Superman 64, or both?
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That is just sick. I hope that guy spends the rest of his life in prison where he can be the female dog of every inmate there.
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