Father kills son because he wants to play xbox games

#21SnickleseedPosted 4/18/2014 12:57:01 PM
I call BS

no way TC is a father
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What a piece of s***, and it's BS he's only charged with 3rd degree murder, that carries a max of 15 years and a min of 10.5 years.
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Jesus, that attach rate IS higher than Sony...
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It's always Florida.....
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Snickleseed posted...
I call BS

no way TC is a father

Because it's so hard to be one?
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florida... nuff said.

a guy got life in prison for loaning his car there. no chance of parole
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Cornbread4life posted...
Anyone notice how all the crazy **** seems to happen in Florida?

There's a reason for the bugsbunnycutsflorida.gif
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thisguy420 posted...
I just read the article. It's a shame. As a father myself of a 5 and 2 years old, I can't tell you how many time the kids woke up when they were younger in the middle of the night crying. Playing BF knowing you can't pause. Would I get upset and pissed? Sometimes. I'd get so upset that it was pointless to keep playing and turn the game off in a middle of a battle. Kids>stats.

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