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Will their be a killer instinct season 3shads305563/5 8:40AM
Another F2P title incoming: Magic Duels OriginsStyrof0am93/5 8:34AM
For the very few interested i see Project cars is up in the storekennyynnoo43/5 8:34AM
I'm starting to appreciate slower more methodical games nowGalvatronType_R13/5 8:31AM
There's nothing but remakes and sequels coming out this year!!
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Reverseisback283/5 8:11AM
So if every xbox exclusive is cross platform with the PC from now on...
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ninja_starX293/5 8:09AM
So phil is leaving xbox
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Pigfarts183/5 8:07AM
Battletoads coming to Shovel knight and hint at full game!!!
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BoBEasyCompany333/5 8:02AM
What upcoming Xbox One exclusives are you interested in?
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rojse423/5 7:53AM
What are the chances. And I mean, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES.....
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DRzCalderon213/5 7:51AM
ITT: Your Opinion of People Who Sell Their Next Gen console at least twice...
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HaloODSTD163/5 7:48AM
So 3 days left, have you referred anyone?DEMONPANDA21233/5 7:05AM
If first party games will be availible for both XB1 and PC, will we be...HaloODSTD53/5 7:02AM
Phil Harrison to leave Microsoft
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Shovel_Break463/5 6:59AM
Can someone send a link or explain Windows 10/XB1 Connectivity?Ryan Lewis43/5 6:49AM
Where can you find the games with gold on the one menu?The_N8dog43/5 6:47AM
Xbox One a big flop in India
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mohit92061133/5 6:31AM
Here's what you need to know about streaming Xbox One games to PC andtabletquincy2000a33/5 6:23AM
The CronusMax and Titan One Review (and a question if someone can answer)Ryan Lewis73/5 6:09AM
Imagine having no interest in the Xbox One
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ElectricRod283/5 6:05AM