why is the xbone selling less than half what the ps4 is selling?

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Dude shredded Atomic in that debate, and he goes all to pieces slinging insults and bragging about his masters degree. Is it really that hard to admit you were wrong? You presented your arguments and opinions in a civil manner, commendable for most people on gamefaqs, and then immediately lose all respect and credibility after posting an epic string of the most childish, subject changing, insult laden, trolly posts I've ever seen. Damn son. Have some f****** dignity.

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Besides, what would you kids know about tires or engines? Your mom drives you to GameStop anyway.

Did you say masters degree?

Well I never said I wasn't skeptical. I'm just willing to give dude the benefit of the doubt. >_>
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i like how this guy expects us to jump through hoops for him but cant do a simple thing like provide where he got his information, the only thing i ever asked for (other than him admitting he was wrong)

in the end the information i provided came straight from microsofts website, im just curious why he is keeping this up?

I'm not needing to provide proof to anyone who isn't part of the culture. Like I said Sherlock, it exists. Since you appear to have ample time not playing games of any kind, perhaps you should play the game of Google. I, myself, am leaving to watch Game of Thrones and enjoy some online gaming goodness! :D Been fun all! For those of you who added me as friends I have just accepted the 7 requests. (Didn't know GameFaqs had a friend thing until now.) Cheers!

i did use google when i first saw your original post. came upon microsofts own info saying something different than what you are posting and asked where you got your information . and again yes im not home so no im not gaming (give me an hour or so for that photo proof if you really want it)
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The only reason why it's half now is because Sony is having a hard time with supply and demand.

2.5-3x would be more accurate.
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is it the processor? if so why doesn't ms put in a new more powerful processor? the only other reason I can think of is its $100 more expensive. but I think the main reason is it's less powerful. what else could it be? I cant figure out why such a huge difference in sales. anyone else?

Each month this year, Sony has sold nearly a million PS4s while Microsoft has barely shipped 400,000 Xbox Ones to retail.

MS has a problem with the Xbox One in its war with the PS4 and it had better solve it soon or else it risks having a much smaller installed base, perhaps half the size by the holiday shopping season in 2014.

PS4 is not only outselling Xbox One, it seems to be outselling it by more and more as time passes. Microsoft will have to decide soon whether to do something about that or risk also-ran status.


It is a FACT that xbone is inferior to ps4 and xbone is more expensive too. Its no brainer.
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Sony has a better online service, controller and games in addition to be superior at playing games and media.

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If you have a 12 gallon barrel of water and a 50 gallon barrel of water, both with holes in them - which one bleeds dry first?

It depends on the size and location of the holes.
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Atomic Menance hit the nail on the head. Ps4 is for poor young people. Xbone people are older working people who by games and don't complain about spending 60 bucks for a game. They even buy dlc! Xbox will be fine. Nothing beats Xbox live. I'll pay 5 bucks a month. I wish my phone bill was 5 a month.
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McCartneyMartin posted...
Atomic Menance hit the nail on the head. Ps4 is for poor young people. Xbone people are older working people who by games and don't complain about spending 60 bucks for a game. They even buy dlc! Xbox will be fine. Nothing beats Xbox live. I'll pay 5 bucks a month. I wish my phone bill was 5 a month.

Actually he didn't because most of the PS4 owners are PS3 owners and if you didn't notice the PS3 was expensive and the 360 was very cheap so what can you say about that O_o?
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most of it is the price tbh, anybody into gaming enough to care about kinect or specs either buys everything so they can play everything, or pics one console based on fanboyism, otherwise cheap wins every time
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No, it's pretty clear the reason why PS4 is doing better is because Sony never tried to screw over the game.

Microsoft did, and that is why I am not supporting them. Simple as that. I don't care that they reversed it all, it matters that they would even think to try and I am betting EA has allot to do with it since they were the most vocal about used games sales.

I usually don't buy games used, but sometimes I have to if they are out of print and hard to get new since I can't buy every game that I want to play at launch (I got other bills to pay as well). Same goes for allot of gamers, and for Microsoft to try and screw the consumer like that is crap and that is unforgivable.

I hope the PS4 continues to trounce on Xbox One to teach Microsoft a very valuable lesson, DON'T TRY TO SCREW THE CONSUMER AS IT WILL ALWAYS BITE YOU IN THE ASS. I am surprised they didn't learn that lesson from the disaster that was Windows Vista which made XP stick around for as long as it did.
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