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I haven't been around in the past 3-4 months. Did I miss any good x1 games?TheRealistKilla25/4 3:47PM
whens skate 4 coming out?blairgoku35/4 3:27PM
I wish MS would add the HBO Now app.Robstar2745/4 3:13PM
What if they copied COD's Zombies, for an Avengers game?Road_Kill_666105/4 3:09PM
why doesnt microsoft remake blinx the time sweeper?blairgoku105/4 3:03PM
Trying to decide what to do...
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PDTECRJ115/4 3:02PM
Xbox One price cuts drive Xbox revenue down 24% from last year
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quincy2000a805/4 2:33PM
49.99 Points cardDaShoWSToPPa2835/4 1:31PM
Killer Instinct made $100,000 goal in 72 hourschedibang199485/4 1:25PM
MKX roster and overall gameplay is pretty weak compared to..CKnight85/4 1:23PM
Wait, so if i lay $15 down on Yooka-Laylee kickstart, I get the game on release?
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MajorasDeciple205/4 1:03PM
what was with that useless blank sheet of paper in the Mortal Kombat X Case?!NightMareBunny15/4 12:54PM
Is Resident Evil Ready for a reboot like Tomb Raider Needed?
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symach425/4 12:52PM
isnt there suppose to be a skate 4 on xbox one?blairgoku15/4 12:51PM
I'm tired of futuristic CoD games... i miss simplicity.
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Second_Hokage245/4 12:48PM
Xbox One News: More Details On X1 To Windows 10 And HoloLens Design Revealedquincy2000a105/4 12:42PM
Good news if you have a family and constantly fight for the TV.DanteRules45/4 12:16PM
Royal Gaming Society Clan/Community RecruitmentRGSBloodAce15/4 12:13PM
Console reboots
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a123454321215/4 12:02PM
Question about Controller.marinelozza25/4 11:56AM