Is Ubisoft favoring Sony now?!

#61KolanifvPosted 4/27/2014 5:30:15 AM
deadmarv posted...
TC, DLCs from bethe$da and activision are released for xbox first. What do you think about that?

Possibly not true anymore if CoD is actually switching to PS4 as lead for the next gen game. Also, the exclusive content for the Division was announced before XOne sales didn't perform as expected and wasn't specifically noted. It might just end up being Smartglass functionality.
#62VirobotPosted 4/27/2014 6:17:37 AM
jasomramirez666 posted...
Sony will be getting 60+ minutes more of Watchdogs gameplay!

This is not fair! I don't see why we get less content...

60+ minutes more might not be much but we will be paying the same amount $60 for less content.

Game developers should treat each platform equally!

You get CoD crap a month sooner.

Oh when the tables turn, the whiners reveal.
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