Any game.

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1 year ago#11
"You're using the wrong words to express your still incorrect thoughts" -Foxx3k
1 year ago#12
Ncaa football 2k15
Xbox one, PS3, Wii
Play for the games not the evil corporation, they're all evil in the end.
1 year ago#13
Fallout 4.
1 year ago#14
Super Smash Bros Melee, with the XBOX LIVE userbase. Star Fox and I would be all over that in a heartbeat.
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1 year ago#15
A legit console pokemon game.

Or more realistically, KOTOR.
" I don't see the difference between 1080p and 792p"- Ray Charles
1 year ago#16
Stuck between

Dragon's Crown
Bayonetta 2
God of War series
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