If its true that DX12 update will double the XB1 graphics and performance

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ProtoBeast posted...
Double the power from the power via DX12
Double the power via the cloud
It's like 4 Xbones all in one!!!
It all makes so much sense now, and shame on people for crying about the price. It's like by one get three free!!!

Add in resourced tiling and now we are up to six XBOX ONEs.


you forgot that each new XB1 will also get blessed by Bill Gates so that's like 8 Xbox Ones
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What makes you cleuless is all the drivel about the cloud and the complete failure to understand that YOU CAN'T IMPROVE HARDWARE THROUGH SOFTWARE UPDATES.

But you can improve how well it runs. Which is basically improving the hardware. As I've pointed out multiple times, but you fail to comprehend because you don't want to be wrong. Stop being dense. And all that redundant, opinionated nonsense you keep posting about ESRAM is still completely trumped by the article from the Murdered: Soul Suspect dev. 1080p for both systems. I'm sure you'll try to come up with some excuse for that too but no matter how much you want there to be a huge difference between the systems there just isn't, and it will get less and less over time. Case closed, move on and find a new hobby.