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2 years ago#1
Hey are thinking about creating new ip...or maybe even old ip...they are trying and thinking of new ips for the industry now
2 years ago#2

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2 years ago#3
Battletoads with that superhard bike level in 3D.
Get Good Kid.
2 years ago#4
Jedi454 posted...
Battletoads with that superhard bike level in 3D.

Yeah I wonder what they are working on
2 years ago#5
Perfect Dark.
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2 years ago#6
ghostemp77 posted...
Perfect Dark.

Is this one of rares ips...I'm going to look this game up
2 years ago#7
You don't know what Perfect Dark is?
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2 years ago#8
Its not about remaking something that weve loved fifteen years ago, ten years ago. Its about looking where the industry is going, looking at what we can do thats different, because were first party studio for Microsoft, and our job is to make great experiences that showcase our platform. If we can do that, and it fits an IP that we own and were very fond of, then of course, we look at that option.

I wonder if anyone caught that
2 years ago#9
jakethenoob posted...
You don't know what Perfect Dark is?

No...I didn't really play a lot of games back on the original xbox and 360....only played halo, GOW and cod on 360...and games like splinter cell and madden on the original xbox
2 years ago#10
It's all well and good, but rare needs to get off the Kinect wagon first. MS is better off outsourcing Rare's IPs to other studios like they did with Killer Instinct.

If I was head of Rare and MS I would start with at least doing HD ports of those older games to the XBO as XBL titles...Rare needs to start with baby steps first.
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