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2 years ago#1
Think of a good name, a score or trophy type and a description for things that we can achieve in life.

Got a Job 75G (Silver)
You've done the 1st important step of life, congrats.

Unconstipated 5g (bronze)
You have finally gone for a number 2 after days of trying, hell yeah!

Gamer 25G (bronze)
Yay you've successfully played through 50 games

Erm now it's your turn
2 years ago#2
Curler 100G (gold)
Successfully scored with your best friends wife
2 years ago#3
Caught in a trap...5g (bronze)
Cheat on your wife, while she's home.

Blow your load 10g
spend an entire paycheck on your Gf, then have abortion on her face.
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"You dont want none of this"
2 years ago#4
Beastiality 5G (Bronze)

You know what to do.
2 years ago#5
alexismynamexx posted...
Beastiality -500G (Bronze)

You know what to do.


Tear Jerker 10G

Shed one single tear while watching the Red Wedding.

Went Apesh** 15G.

Break at least one coffee, two chairs and a window in anger after watching the Red Wedding.
GT: Partyhardydan
2 years ago#6
I'm zyzz brah 50g
Achieve a 1000lb total

Not yo daddy 100g
Smash 15 girls without pregnancy occurring

Workin man 25g
Make 50k a year
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2 years ago#7
No Regrets (1000G) - Live your life to the fullest and be happy.
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2 years ago#8
This thread is kinda lame
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2 years ago#9
Lazy Rapist (5G)
successfully perform an act of necrophilia
2 years ago#10
Ben Clarke Lives! 20g
Go bodyboarding on a McDonalds food tray and successfully pull off an ARS.

Ben Clarke Lives! Redux 30g
Successfully catch a wave, get a barrel, and perform two 360s, all while riding atop a stack of 5+ bodyboards.

Peeing on an Ant Nest 5g
Make a blatant troll topic on the GameFAQs Xbox One message boards, and get 150+ responses.

Five Stars 50g
Blow up a hospital, an orphanage, and a petting zoo within 20 minutes of each other. Run!
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