What was the first console you bought with your own money?

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2 years ago#71
Pokemon Stadium Bundle N64.
2 years ago#72

Gameboy Advance if we're counting portables

Wii if we're not

I've bought all my portables since GBA (DS, PSP, 3ds, 3dsXL) and I bought my second PS3 after my first one gave up the ghost

I would've bought my own PS4, but my dad offered to get me one for Christmas and I'm sure as hell not turning down a free console.
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2 years ago#73
60GB launch PS3. $600 and came woth Madden 08. Money I had saved through numerous Christmas's and birthdays.
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2 years ago#74

Although, I did split a PS3 half / half with my brother.

Edit: Oh, I completely forgot I had bought a GBA SP and a DS before getting my 3DS.
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2 years ago#75
Sega Saturn
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2 years ago#76
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2 years ago#77
If this question includes handheld systems, my first was the PSP. If only consoles, Xbox 360.
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2 years ago#78
Never thought about it before, turns out I haven't bought any consoles with my own money. I haven't gotten a new console since the 360, which was a combined Christmas and birthday present years back. My brother has bought a PS3 (twice) and PS4 with his own money, but everything I've had was a gift.

Except my PC I built a few years back, aw yeah!
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2 years ago#79
DS Lite because I wanted to get pokemon diamond and pearl
2 years ago#80
X1 as it was released before the ps4 here and then the ps4 a couple weeks later.
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