Hate it or love it, Kinect was a GOOD move by MS

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User Info: Homie_202

2 years ago#101
No no it wasn't.

User Info: -Oath-

2 years ago#102

No thanks.
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User Info: pigboy

2 years ago#103
tadmfpole posted...
billsfanno1 posted...
If MS wants to tie Kinect to the success/failure of Xbox, that's their decision and clearly it is hurting them at the moment. I personally am a fan of Kinect and enjoyed many of the Kinect games on X360. But I also can't deny that MS has done a poor job of justifying Kinect's inclusion with X1 to the mass market:

- The only native Kinect games available at launch were Just Dance and a jetski demo for Kinect Sports. Five months later the only thing that has changed is we now have the full version of Kinect Sports Rivals, which is a great game but the approach taken with the tutorial will only frustrate casuals who are most likely to be the ones that enjoy Kinect.
- Basic gestures were changed for Kinect 2.0 and poorly documented -- used to be you waved to get it's attention, now you raise a hand up; used to be you held your right arm at the side and left arm at an angle to pause a game, now I'm guessing you do it via voice control -- nothing packed in with the X1 tells you about this and the Kinect tutorial is buried in the GUI. It was a very frustrating learning curve.
- Kinect needs to be properly calibrated to work optimally with voice controls, many customers won't know to do this.
- Kinect voice controls require a quiet room. I had company this weekend and it could only pick up on around 10% of the voice commands people threw at it. I'm not going to tell everyone to hush so that I can tell X1 to change the channel.
- Kinect does very poorly with female voices in my experience. My wife and daughter are running <50% accuracy with it, whereas with my son and I it's more commonly around 90%.

MS needs to stop relying on third party developers to make the case for justifying Kinect. If they believe in it so much, they need to show why it is such a great device. What they have done to date is not cutting it.

This should be a sticky at the top of this board.


User Info: bblbig

2 years ago#104
Ive still yet to use my Kinect for any actual motion based gestures, let alone a motion game. That being said...I LOVE the voice control. Works great for me since the time I hooked it up, and I use it all the time
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