nfs rivals or forza 5?

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User Info: Geist

2 years ago#11
I prefer Forza, it's just a very nice racer. Pure in what it is, gorgeous to look at, and very fun to play. NFS is good, but just too arcade like for my racing needs. NFS always felt like GTA with out the guns, Forza has always been my choice for real racing.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

2 years ago#12
Forza, NFS is a polished last gen game with small car selection and gets old faster then forza.
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User Info: BigBOO2U

2 years ago#13
Omega_Black posted...
Even though your a major ass for this I still LOL'd and still am, lol...

I'm actually surprised it took as long as it did to get deleted, lol.
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