So my X1 arrives tomorrow, need advice from people who have both PS4 and X1

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Phange 2 posted...
Ugh guys, cut it with the juvenile console wars BS.

They're bloody video game consoles, not countries or sports teams.

your topic is straight up flamebait material, you're asking if the x1 is better than the ps4 you think that will lead to flowers and rainbows? If you own both why do you care if one is better? just play your consoles kid
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My xbox one is used 10x more than my PS4. Dusted off my PS4 to try Infamous and to play FFRR. Other than that, it's been a waste of money.

I love the experience of the Xbox. Since start up, it just does everything different and new. I am thoroughly pleased with my Xbox. I buy all my games for it, will use PS4 for the exclusives, that are non existent currently.
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Phange 2 posted...
I don't play a lot of online games but I do love single-player FPS titles, which is why I've always been kind of an Xbox gamer.

As for PS4, I originally got it because it was cheaper. I really like it, but I've never really been a big fan of the DualShock design (even though DS4 is vastly better than DS3)

You do know they make knockoff Xbox controllers for the PlayStation right? If it wasn't fully wireless you'd be able to just download drivers to use it.
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Just from my own experience.
Both gameplay wise feel the same. Never really stop and pay attention to count Pixels.

The X1's Sticks felt kinda loose and Small. But the grip and texture was lovely, Unlike the PS4's rubbery feels.

The rumble in the triggers was a nice touch didn't find it that great after a few hours, but it's nice.

Other than slight glitches and Barely being able to play on BF4 without freezing. The X1 is awesome.
The PS4 and Xbone are both fine consoles. Nothing can change that.
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Might as well get used to only playing exclusives on your Xbox One because the multiplatform games will run better on the PS4.
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LEGEND_725 posted...
I find the Xbox one is the better console GRAPHICS included. You will probably end up selling your ps4 before long like I did

Delusional. LOL
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LEGEND_725 posted...
I find the Xbox one is the better console GRAPHICS included. You will probably end up selling your ps4 before long like I did


No wonder why delusional people like you are the reason why Titanfall failed to live up to the hype. :P
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Shooters first person and third go to Xbox although I have call of duty for PS4. Racing games I rather play on Xbox because the triggers are more responsive. I have Madden and NBA 2K for PS but I dont like defending with the left trigger on the Dual shock 4 playing 2K. It feels terrible. I should have gotten that for Xbox.

Despite resolution I will be getting Watchdogs on Xbox one because it's a shooting and driving game. The Xbox controller will be better for this game.
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Graphics, online, controller, whatever.. Xbox One offers the best experience. Period.

Unless you prefer indies over real games. In this case get yourself a cell phone.
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mokmuud posted...
LEGEND_725 posted...
I find the Xbox one is the better console GRAPHICS included. You will probably end up selling your ps4 before long like I did


LEGEND_725 posted...
billOriley posted...
well the xbone has inferior multiplats ( lower framerate and resolution), and inferior online. You gotta pay 60 bucks a year to use skype and netflix etc.

Lol microsofts dedicated servers and Xbox live not getting hacked curb stomps PSN

Oh and the better controller and kinect integration like in BF4 curb stomps exaggerated graphics differences

TC, please don't listen to LEGEND. He is a shill fanboy troll of the worst kind.

Enjoy both consoles. Choose games for each platform on a case by case basis. There is no definitive answer in advance. So far PS4 has run some multiplatform titles at better resolution and framerate than Xbox One. Do not let the fanboys tell you otherwise. However current exclusive diversity and availability goes to Xbox One.
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