So my X1 arrives tomorrow, need advice from people who have both PS4 and X1

#41CaIiber345Posted 4/21/2014 11:49:57 PM
BoneRevolution posted...
Graphics, online, controller, whatever.. Xbox One offers the best experience. Period.

Unless you prefer indies over real games. In this case get yourself a cell phone.

Opinions, not facts. And PS4 has plenty of "real games." Troll elsewhere.
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#42HorridhalPosted 4/22/2014 3:57:36 AM
Objectively the PS4 is the better system of the two.

But I reccomend you choose the system you prefer.
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Pick up Dead Rising 3, Best next gen game thus far.
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Phange 2 posted...
Are you kidding, the PS4's controller battery life is awful. As much as I love my PS4, I absolutely despise how short the battery life is.

Its a problem if you spend more than 6 straight hours gaming......

Try taking a break and plugging it in.
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Its great to have the option of both consoles, personally I wouldn't want to pay out for both xbox live and psn plus so I play multiplayer games on xbox one and single player ones on the ps4.
Keep both its a win win situation, sure at the moment neither side has any really exceptional exclusives but in a couple of years it will pay off for both xbox and playstation owners.
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I'm in the same boat as you TC.
All shooters will be on my XB1, while the rest of 3rd-person games will be on my PS4.

At the moment, I've only bought one game for my PS4, I:SS, and I just recently traded that in at GS for $43. I just picked up PvZ:GW, but I have yet to play it due to it being Finals week.

I enjoy my XB1, a lot more than my PS4. I like the strong lineup it has had, the dedicated servers for games like TF (albeit a few hiccups), and I like the fast, responsive multimedia capabilities. Idk if you use your Kinect, but mine works around 95% of the time, and it makes the whole system so much better. I would also advise you to purchase some Eneloops batteries as well. You can get them for about 20 dollars @ Amazon, and they work wonders. The DS4 dies in about 6 hours for me, but Eneloops go for about 15 or so hours, and they are rechargeable :D .

Overall, I prefer my XB1 (atleast for the time being). The PS4 has a lack of non-indie titles, and the graphics, well resolution quality is only minimal for the time being. The XB1 version of multiplats usually have worse blacks, and some textures aren't as crisp. It's not enough for me to say that the XB1 version is just unplayable.
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I probably won't be using Kinect that much. Not a big fan of talking to my TV, even if it works.

But hey, if there's ever a really good Kinect game I'll use it.
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Phange 2 posted...
I probably won't be using Kinect that much. Not a big fan of talking to my TV, even if it works.

But hey, if there's ever a really good Kinect game I'll use it.

I thought this but it's so much quicker accessing your party and things with voice commands.
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this thread is painful to read

the fanboys think they're defending the xbox one but they're just making it and its community look worse
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Here's how my winning strategy for console gaming will be in the next 2 years

X1 = Forza, Titanfall, Halo
PS4 = Infamous, AC IV, Wolfenstein, Batman AK, Diablo III, MG IV, Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Order 1886, Dragon Age, Witcher 3, Division, Crew, Project Cars, Deep Down, indies
Wii U = MH3U, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, X, Zelda U