Why does Netflix struggle to stream in HD?

#1quigonzelPosted 4/22/2014 6:13:20 PM
I can't consistently get it to do so.
#2SnickleseedPosted 4/22/2014 6:14:03 PM
your internet sucks
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#3quigonzel(Topic Creator)Posted 4/22/2014 6:15:37 PM
No, no it most certainly does not. I've found that I can instantly get an HD stream on my 360 but playing the exact same thing on my One it just struggles to maintain or reach the HD quality.
#4MonicasBackPosted 4/22/2014 6:37:51 PM
Sounds like a problem on your end, I get 1080p just fine on my bone.
#5PorungaPosted 4/22/2014 6:41:30 PM
It's early versions of software on next gen systems. Last gen systems had the same issue at the beginning. They will get it updated eventually.
#6Sith JediPosted 4/22/2014 7:07:05 PM
Is your 360 hardwired and XB1 wireless?
#7Homie_202Posted 4/22/2014 7:12:41 PM
Weird I don't use Netflix on my one but I used to use it a lot on my 360 and I could never get a hd signal on my 360. I get one very easy in my ps3, 4 and one though. I use it on my ps3 though I like it hands down the most on there. I like the max feature a lot.
#8AzaneAzerPosted 4/22/2014 8:02:24 PM
its obviously your fault, nothing can be wrong with the xboxone.
#9Not_ShippyPosted 4/22/2014 8:07:16 PM
quigonzel posted...
I can't consistently get it to do so.

What's your internet speed like? Go to speedtest.net and show us the results.
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#100PTICSPosted 4/22/2014 8:17:06 PM
Time of day maybe? I don't use Netflix that often, but when I watch during the day, the quality and load times aren't that good compared to when I watch them at night.