Will Xbox One sell over a million units at launch in Japan?

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I still don't understand why MS is even gonna try over there. It's a lost cause. There might be 2 people in their whole population that like MS lol.

That's a bit of an exaggeration but you're on the right track. You would think MS would learn from the 360 but nope. 360 sold what? 1.6 million tops in it's lifetime sales over there? That's pretty bad and the fact it and the ps4 have nearly the same library isn't going to help their case either. Japan is more mobile and handheld now with consoles second and PC gaming last. And with MK8 getting a WiiU bundle and Smash Bros releasing for winter please I can already tell what's going to be the number 1 seller this year in Japan.

so doing 750 million dollars in sells is a terrible idea? ignorance :(

Once you factor it was over a 8+ year time frame and the money spent marketing, selling to retailers etc. That 750million couldn't have been profit because of the cost it took to get it. And didn't Microsoft just break even with the Xbox One?
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