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#1corporalcraigPosted 4/23/2014 4:24:35 PM
I'm hoping someone can help me out here because I'm getting various answers when hunting google.

Sadly I don't have much free time anymore so I plan to sell my Xbox One so at least someone else can enjoy it. I have NBA 2K14 downloaded onto the hard drive, my question is if I was to delete my gamertag from the console would the person I sell it to be able to play the game? Or can it only be used with my gamertag? I'd like to include the game with the purchase but not if I have to let them use my gamertag as well.
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Today I had an issue ... I had purchased Peggle 2 DLC which wasn't given to me even though I was charged.

Microsoft had refunded me for both the DLC and the game itself.
When they did this, they Deleted my transaction from my account meaning it looked like I never purchased Peggle and I had to pay again to play.
The game was still installed on my Xbox One but unplayable until I purchased Peggle again with my refunded money.

My point being ...
If you delete your gamertag. (Aka Account) you are deleting everything with it, which im guessing purchase items is included.
You'll still have the game on your hard drive but you will be sent to store and prompted to pay before use on a new gamertag (account)

Just my guess from todays experience.
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Everything is tied to your gt