I predict xbox one sales to sky rocket if MS did just one certain thing...

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No, all they need to do is drop the price. its that simple.

You really dont have to use Kinect if you dont want too.

If the price is dropped, it will sell more.

The majority of gamers know Sony will produce stellar exclusives with variety. MS is not known in a positive light for anything so they need to offer much much more

Stellar exclusives??
Sorry but that is opinion, and I disagree.
i had a ps3, and thought Infamous/Resistence and Killzone were bland and generic.
Uncharted 2, although having very high production value and great voice acting got boring. Shoot bad guys, jump around. Rinse and repeat.
Last Of Us I enjoyed but didnt really like the story greatly.
Only Sony exclusives I loved were Yakuza 3, Demon's Souls and Journey.

All the games out for the PS4 are trash too. Second Son is a 7 at best. 100% and returned the game the first weekend it came out.

What a stupid post. Xbots nowadays.

^ agree with that.. but come on, it goes both ways.
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Without the Kinect the Xbox One would retail for $450, as the Kinect is only $75, and Microsoft still will try to make a profit. Not to mention they sold the XB1 w/ TF for $450 for like 2 weeks, and that is the same thing as paying $400 for a XB1 w/ no game.
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Wouldn't of bought it without kinect. So far it's games are very meh.

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